International Conference on Astrophysics and Cosmology,Nepal

Program Schedule

The Final Program


International Conference on

Astrophysics & Cosmology (ICAC)

19-21 March 2012

Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal



18 March 2012

16:00-19:00                          REGISTRATION & WELCOME RECEPTION

19 March 2012

07:30 -08:30                         REGISTRATION

08:30 -09:30                         INAUGURATION

                                                Chief Guest: Vice Chancellor of T.U.

09:30-10:00              --------------------------------------COFFEE BREAK-----------------------------------------------

Theme Session:                 Chair: Prof. Udayaraj Khanal

10:00-11:00:  IT1       Prof. S. K. Chakrabarti (SNBose, India)

Title: Accretion Processes on Black Holes and Neutron Stars and their Signatures


Special Talk Session:       Chair: Prof. Ashok Singal

11:00-11:30:  ST1     Prof. Ram Sagar (ARIES, India)

                                    Title: New initiatives in optical astronomy at ARIES


11:30-12:00   ST2     Prof. K. S. Raman (IIA, Kodaikanal Observatory, India)

                                    Title: Space Weather – Sun Earth Relations


12:00-12:30   ST3     Dr. Binil Aryal (CDP, TU, Nepal)

                                    A&A Research in Nepal


12:30-14:00              -------------------------------------------------LUNCH--------------------------------------------

Parallel Session 1 (CEDA Hall): Chair: Prof. Banibrata Mukhopadhyay


14:00-14:15   PST03: Chandra Bd. Singh (Indian Centre for Space Physics, West Bengal, India)

Title: Study of Origin of Outflows from Accretion disks around Black holes


14:15-14:30   PST04: Himadri Ghosh (S.N. Bose, Kolkata India)

Title: Numerical studies of the hydrodynamic, spectral and timing properties of a two component accretion flow around a black hole


14:30-14:45   PST05: Kinsuk Giri (S.N. Bose, Kolkata India)

                                    Title: How does a Two component Advective Flow From?


14:45-15:00   PST07: Dr. Sambhunath Chakraborty (PKHNM, West Bangal, India)

Title: Effect of temperature gradient on the mass flow from the galactic central region


15:00-15:15   PST18: Dr. Farrin Payandeh (Payame Noor University, Tabriz, Iran)

Title: Null-Like Geodesics around a Pressure less Relativistic Majumdar-Papapetrou Star


15:15-15:30   PST54: Sudeep Nupane (CDP, TU, Nepal)

                                    Title: Emerging A&A Amateur Activities in Nepal


15:30-16:00              ----------------------------------------COFFEE BREAK-------------------------------------------

Parallel Session 2 (CEDA Hall): Chair: Prof. Ram Sagar

16:00-16:15   PST08: Dr. Binil Aryal (CDP, TU, Nepal)

                                    Title: Spatial orientation of galaxies in the zone-of-avoidance


16:15-16:30   PST10: Rishi Ram Paudel (CDP, TU, Nepal)

Title: Spatial orientation of angular momentum vector of galaxies in three merging binary clusters


16:30-16:45   PST09: Sagar Prasad Paudel (CDP, TU, Nepal)

Title: Role of Optical Search Limit in the Spatial Orientation of Local Supercluster Galaxies

16:45-17:00   PST52: B. Acharya (CDP, TU, Kirtipur)

Title: Spin Vector Orientation of Search Limit Complete galaxies having redshift 0.10 to 0.11


17:00-17:15   PST13: Tabasum Masood (University of Kashmir, Srinagar, India)

Title: Peculiar Velocity of Galaxy Clusters

17:15-17:30   PST12: Dhananjay Kumar Yadav (CDP, TU, Nepal)

Title: On a peculiar coincidence between the emission-line galaxy NGC 3885 and a Galactic far-infrared hole


Parallel Session 3 (CDP Hall):     Chair: Prof. Udayraj Khanal


14:00-14:15   PST15: Dr. Kishor Shankarro Adhav (AU, Jaunpur, India)

                                    Title: Bianchi Type-III  Universe  in  f(R)  Theory  of  Gravity


14:15-14:30   PST16: Dr. Vilas  Bapurao Raut (SGBAU, India)

Title: Strange  quark matter  Attached to string cloud   In  Bianchi   type-III Space time

14:30-14:45   PST17: Upendra Mani Adhikari (TU, Nepal)

Title: Cosmic Microwave radiation (CMB), effects of scalar perturbation on polarized CMB Radiation


14:45-15:00   PST19: Dr. Anirudh Pradhan (VBSPU, UP, India)

Title: Accelerating Dark Energy Models with Anisotropic Fluid

15:00-15:15   PST20: Vishal Jayswal (TU, Nepal)

Title: CMB anisotropy and the role they play in probing cosmological parameters: WMAP satellite


15:15-15:30   PST21: Dr. Laxman Katkar (Shivaji University, Maharashtram, India)

Title: An Exact Solution of Field Equations for Weyssenhoff Fluid in Einstein-Cartan Theory

15:30-16:00  --------------------------------------------COFFEE BREAK--------------------------------------------------

Parallel Session 1 (CDP Hall):                 chair: Dr. Kishor Shankarro Adhav

16:00-16:15   PST23: Min Prasad Khanal (TU, Nepal)

Title: Cosmological Constant in local space: A New Dark Matter Model


16:15-16:30   PST25: Shankar Dayal Pathak (Lucknow University, U.P, India)

Title: Evolution of the universe with interaction among the three-component Tachyonic Scaler Field


16:30-16:45   PST26: Dr. Pradyumn Kumar Sahoo (BIT, Pilani, India)

Title: Axially Symmetric Cosmological Model with Wet Dark Fluid in Bimetric Theory of Gravitation

16:45-17:00   PST27: Dr. R. K. Mishra (Deemed University, Longowal, India)

Title: Variable Cosmological Model with Time varying Cosmological Constant


17:00-17:15   PST47: Suresh Bhattarai (St. Xaviers College, Nepal)

                                    Title: Study of NGC2070 at 3-8 Kev & 8-20 Kev using RTXE Survey


17:15-17:30   PST28: Dr. Bivudutta Mishra (BIT, Pilani, India)

Title: Kantowski-Sachs Cosmological Model with Wet Dark Fluid in General Theory of Relativity

20 March 2011

Theme Session:                 Chair: Prof. Sandip K. Chakrabarti

09:30-10:30:  IT2:      Prof. Jonathan Granot (University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, UK)

                                    Title: Gamma-Ray Bursts


10:30-11:00:  ST4:    Prof. Ashok K. Singal (PRL, Ahamdabad, India)

Title: Large peculiar motion of the solar system from the anisotropy in sky brightness due to the distant radio sources


11:00-11:30              ----------------------------------------COFFEE BREAK--------------------------------------------

Special Talk Session:       Chair: Prof. Jonathan Granot

11:30-12:00   ST5     Prof. Banibrata Mukhopadhyay (lndian lnstitute of Science, Bangalore, India)

Title: Stochastically Driven Instability in Accretion Flows


12:00-12:30   ST6     Prof. Ranjeev Misra (IUCAA, Pune, India)

                                    Title: The Multi-wavelength Properties of Ultra-Luminous X-ray Sources


12:30-13:00   ST7     Prof. Udayraj Khanal (CDP, TU, Nepal)

                                    Title: Perturbation of Friedman Universe in Neumann-Penrose Formulation


13:00-14:30              -------------------------------------------------LUNCH---------------------------------------------

14:30-18:30             ---------------------------------------------EXCURSION--------------------------------------------------

18:30-21:00              ---------------------------------------CONFERENCE DINNER------------------------------------------

Conference dinner will be at the Wanjala Moskva Restaurant, Naxal, Kathmandu

(close to the City Centre)


21 March 2011


Theme Session:     chair: Prof. Jonathan Granot

09:00-10:00:  IT3       Prof. Sandip Chakrabarti (SNBose, India)

                                    Title: Chemical evolution of the Universe and Origin of Life


10:00-11:00:  ST7:    Bruno Thooris (CEDEX France)

Title: Three-dimensional visualization of cosmology and galaxies formation numerical simulations


11:00-11:30              ---------------------------------COFFEE BREAK--------------------------------------------

Special Talk Session:       Chair: Prof. K. S. Raman

11:30-12:00   ST5:    Sujan K. Sengupta (Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore, India)

                                    Title: Scattering Polarization of Extra-solar Planets

12:00-12:30   ST6     Bhadra Man Tuladhar (Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel)

                                    Title: Mandala and Cosmology


12:30-14:00              -----------------------------------------------LUNCH----------------------------------------------------


Parallel Session 5 (CEDA Hall): Chair: Dr. Binil Aryal


14:00-14:20   PST01: Dr. Indranil Chattopadhyay (ARIES, Naini Tal, India)

Title: How plasma composition affects the relativistic flows and the emergent spectra


14:20-14:35   PST31: Upasana Das (IISc, India)

Title: Strongly magnetized cold electron degenerate gas: Mass radius relation of the collapsed star


14:35-14:50   PST32: Sunil Chandra (PRL, India)

                                    Title: Multi-wavelength monitoring of Blazers

14:50-15:05   PST33: Chandani Rajbahak (CDP, TU, Nepal)

Title: Bipolar dust structure around PN NGC1514: asymmetrical mass loss in the early AGB?

15:05-15:20   PST34: Raj Kiran Koju (CDP, TU, Nepal)

Title: Dust structures around Pulsars at D<1 kpc


15:20-15:35   PST30: Tesfay Kehase (AaiT, Ethiopia)

                                    Title: Star Formation

15:35-16:05             -------------------------------------COFFEE BREAK-------------------------------------------

Parallel Session 6 (CEDA Hall): chair: Prof. Ramoprosad Bondyopadhya


16:05-16:25   PST36: Dr. Blesson Mathew (PRL, Ahamedabad, India)

Title: Infrared Photometric and Spectroscopic monitoring of Be/X-ray binary X Persei

16:25-16:40   PST38: Tek Prasad Adhikari (CDP, TU, Nepal)

Title: A New Far Infrared Arc-like Filamentary Structure nearby Planetary Nebula NGC 4361


16:40-16:55   PST39: Motiram Dugair (Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur, India)

Title: Timing and spectral studies of Gamma Ray Bursts observed by SWIFT BAT mission

16:55-17:05   PST40: Partha Sarathi Pal (Indian Center for Space Physics, India)

Title: Comptonization Efficiencies of the Variability classes of GRS1915+105


17:05-17:20   PST41: Rizwan Shahid Khan (Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur, India)

                                    Title: Spectral Study of Cygnus X-1 Using The   RXTE Data       

17:20-17:35   PST22: Dr. Amritbir Singh (B.B.S.B. Engg. College, Punjab, India)

Title: Cosmological Model with time varying Gravitational & Cosmological constants


Parallel Session 7 (CDP Hall): chair: Prof. K. S. Raman

 14:00-14:15  PST46: Balram Kaderia (CDP, TU, Nepal)

Title: Ab-initio Calculation of Higher Lines of CO: Importance & Applications


14:15-14:30   PST48: Dilliram Dhakal (CDP, TU, Nepal)

Title: A Study of Massive High Latitude Far Infrared Nebula Located Around Fornax Globular Cluster


14:30-14:45   PST44: Lobsang Choedon (Central University of Tibetan Studies, Varanasi, India)

Title: Cosmology Concept of Kalchakra Tantra


14:45-15:00   PST45: Dr. Subhash D. Tade (JAWAHARLAL NEHRU COLLEGE, WADI, NAGPUR)

Title: Study of domain walls in Brans Dicke theory of gravitation for Kasner type metric


15:00-15:15   PST49: Nabin Rijal (CDP, TU, Nepal)

Title: Dust structure around hot White Dwarfs


15:15-15:30   PST14: Ashish Kaushal (National College of Polytecnic, India)

Title: Space Elevators: Dilemma and Remedies


15:30-16:00              -------------------------------------COFFEE BREAK-------------------------------------------

Parallel Session 8 (CDP Hall):     chair: Prof. Sambhunath Chakraborty

16:00-18:15   PST56: Naveel Ahmad Wani (University of Kashmir, Srinagar, India)

                                    Title: Correlation Functions for Extended Mass Galaxy Clusters


16:15-16:30   PST50: Dr. Kalyani Desikan (VIT University, Chennai , India)

Title: Cosmological Models in Nordtvedts’ Theory with a Cosmological Term


16:30-16:45   PST51: Amrit Kaphle (CDP, TU, Kirtipur)

                                    Title: Study of High Latitude Far Infrared Comet-like Nebula G110-13

16:45-17:00   PST53: Dipesh Kafle (CDP, TU, Nepal)

                                    Title: A Study of an Isolated Far Infrared Nebular Structure at -400 Latitude


17:00-17:15   PST35: Riwaj Pokhrel (CDP, TU, Nepal)

Title: PDR Interface in NGC 3603


17:15-17:30   PST55: Jampa Chopel (Central University of Tibetan Studies, Varanasi, India)

Title: Heliocentric and geocentric concept of Kalchakra tradition



                        Chief Guest: Vice Chancellor, Prof. Hira Bd Maharjan

                                                Tribhuvan University. Kathmandu, Nepal

---------------------------------------------------------POSTER LISTS---------------------------------------------------------------

P1: A study of i, g and z-magnitudes and their extinction distributions of 44,700 galaxies having radial velocity 30,000 km/s to 33,000 km/s

            Ramesh Bhandari, Nirmal Baral, Ashok Timsina & B. Aryal (CDP, TU, Nepal)


P2: Effect of Non-uniform Magnetic Field in Presence of Non-uniform Unperturbed Material Velocity on the Wave Propagation in a Self-gravitating Medium and its Role in the Central Region of Galaxy

Zinia Sarkar & Ramoprosad Bondyopadhya (Regent Education & Research Foundation, Kolkata, India & Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India)


P3: A study of r and u-magnitudes of SDSS galaxies having 0.10 < z < 0.11

Chuda Phuyal, Amit Paudel & B. Aryal (St. Xaviers’ College, Golden Gate International College & CDP, TU, Nepal)


P4Evolution of Luminosity- Function and Size-Distribution of Disk-Galaxies

            Sonali Sachdeva (Delhi University, India)


P5: Does Morphological and Radial Velocity Dependence Exist Concerning Galaxy Orientation?

A.   Aryal, R. R. Paudel, P. Kafle, S. Paudel, B. Aryal & Walter Saurer (CDP, TU, Nepal & Innsbruck University, Innsbruck, Austria)


P6: Orientation of Galaxies Having Radial Velocity in the Range 30,000 km/s and 33,000 km/s

Anjit Dhimal, Ravi Kumar Mandal & B. Aryal (CDP, TU, Nepal & Patan Multiple College, Nepal)


P7A New Explanation of Globular Cluster Color Distributions: Six-year Results and Implications

            Suk-Jin Yoon (Dept. of Astronomy, Yonsei University, Korea)


P8: Inclination Angle Distribution of SDSS Galaxies Having Redshift in the Range 0.10 to 0.11

Taindra  Neupane, Niroj Shrestha, Raju Timsina & B. Aryal (Patan Multiple College, Nepal & `            CDP, TU,   Nepal)


P9: Study of Star Formation in Barnard 68 using DSS2-IR Survey

Rijendra Thapa & B. Aryal (St. Xaviers’ College, Nepal & CDP, TU, Nepal)


P10: The Reaction between CH3CN and HCOOH: A Possible Chemical Process of Alanine Formation

Shivani Tripathi, Amresh Singh, Alka Misra* & Poonam Tandon (University of Lucknow, U.P., India)


P11: Quantum chemical study of a species of Astrochemical interest: Methylcyanodiacetylene

Amresh Singh, Shivani Tripathi, Alka Misra* & Poonam Tandon  (University of Lucknow, U.P., India)


P12: Photon Dominated Region in NGC3603

C. Rajbahak, M. Rollig, C. Cramer, B. Aryal & J. Stutzki (University of Koeln, Germany & CDP, TU, Nepal)


P13: Timing Studies of Gamma Ray Burst 110715A Observed by SWIFT BAT Observations.

Sapna Sharma, Moti R. Duga,  D. Bhattachary & S.N.A. Jaaffrey  (Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur, India & IUCCA, India)


P14: Magnitude Dependence in the spatial orientation of galaxies in the Local Supercluster

            Shiv Narayan Yadav & B. Aryal (CDP, TU, Kirtipur)


P15: Multiwavelength Study of Lagoon Nebula

Ram Adhikari, Milan Budhathoki & B. Aryal (Golden Gate International College & CDP, TU, Nepal)


P16: OnType IV Bursts, Flares and Coronal Mass Ejections

Joginder Sharma, Nishant Mittal & Udit Narain (Meerut College, IIMT Engineering College, FIT Engineering College, Meerut India)


P17: A study of X-ray Emission from Coma Perseus  pisus and Abell 1367 clusters

            Ramesh Mainali, Madhav Pd Ghimire, Padam Paudel & B. Aryal (CDP, TU, Nepal).


P18: Structure and Stability of X-ray Irradiated Accretion Disk

Bari Maqbool, Ranjeev Misra, Naseer Iqbal, Gulab Dewangan (Department Of Physics, University Of Kashmir, Srinagar, India and IUCAA, Pune India)


P19: A study of flux density variation around Mars and Jupiter as seen from 16 inch Schimdt telescope located as National Observatory, Nepal

Dhirendra Mahato, Sri Ram Paudel & B. Aryal (CDP, TU, Nepal)


P20: Interstellar Dust Mass Estimation

R. K. Koju, T. P. Adhikari, B. Aryal & R. Weinberger (CDP, TU, Nepal & Innsbruck University, Innsbruck, Austria)


P21: Bianchi Type V String Cosmological Models with Constant Deceleration Parameter in General Relativity

Pramod Pradhan Khade, S. P. Kandalkar & S. P. Gawande (Vidyabharati Mahavidyalaya, Amravati, India & Government Vidarbha Institute of Science and Humanities, Amravati, India)


P22: QPO Detection and Temporal Studies of Transient Be star Binary System V0+332+53 Observed by RXTE Mission

Motiram Dugair,  Rakhi Tailor  and  S. N. A.  Jaaffrey (Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur, India)


P23: A Study of Expelled Shell of Blue Supergiant Regel

            Abishek Karki & B. Aryal (Golden Gate International College & CDP, TU, Nepal)


P24: Higher Dimensional String Cosmological Models in General Theory  of  Relativity   

Mohini Ramrao Ugale (Kale) * & K. S. Adhav (Sipna’s college of Engg. and tech. Amravati,  Maharashtra, India & S. G. B. Amravati University, Amravati, Maharashtra, India)


P25: Relative Flux Density Variation in Saturn's Ring using 16-inch LX200GPS Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope at National Observatory, Nagarkot, Nepal

H. Neupane & B. Aryal (CDP, TU, Nepal)


P26: Non-Static Plane Symmetric Wet Dark Fluid Distribution in Bimetric Theory of Gravitation

Ashok Motiramji Pund & K. S. Adhav (Shivaji  Science College,Nagpur ,Maharastra, India & S. G. B. Amravati University, Amravati, India)


P27: Flux Density Variation in the Outer Layer of Betelgeuse and Capilla

            Amar Gnwali, Suman Kumar Dhakal & B. Aryal (CDP, TU, Nepal)


P28: Axially Symmetric non-static Wet Dark Fluid in Brans-Dicke Theory of  Gravitation

Anil Shankarrao Nimkar & K. S. Adhav (Dr. Shri R. G. Rathod Arts and Science College, Maharastra, India & S. G. B. Amravati University, Amravati, India)


P29: Study of Reflective Nature and Change in Inclination of Saturn’s Ring System

Utsab R. Shrestha & B. Aryal (CDP, TU, Nepal)


P30: Estimation of Cosmological Constant using Galaxy Rotation Curves

D. Adhikari, Santosh Gaire & B. Aryal (Patan Multiple Campus, Nepal & CDP, TU, Nepal)


P31: A Brief Overview of A&A Research in Tribhuvan University, Nepal

B.   Aryal (CDP, TU, Nepal)


P32: Spherically Symmetric Cosmological Model with Anisotropic Stress Tensor in General Relativity

Dnyaneshwar Dadaji Pawar, V.  R. Patil & S.  N. Bayaskar  (Vidarbha Institute of Science and Humanities, Amravati., India, Arts, Science and Commerce College, Chikhaldara,  India & Adarsha Science, J. B. Art and Birla Commerce  College, Dhamangaon, India)